Snoreeze Throat Spray 23.5ml

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Snoreeze Throat Spray 23.5ml

Snoreeze Throat Spray  is an easy to use anti-snoring throat spray. Snoreeze Throat Spray is designed to help reduce or eliminate snoring.  One of the main causes of snoring is the partial collapse of the soft tissues at the back of the throat. Natural breathing through the airways can produce snoring noise when these tissues vibrate.

Snoreeze Throat Spray works by actively lubricating these tissues and helps reduce the vibrations that can cause snoring.  The Snorenz formula is a blend of micro-encapsulated natural oils and is designed to work throughout the night, giving you and your partner a peaceful nights sleep.  Independent testing showed a reduction or elimination of snoring noise, as reported by the snorer's partner.

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Active Ingredient Snoreeze Throat Spray contains: Water, Glycerine, Olive oil, Peppermint oil, Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6
Dosage Apply nightly as follow: Shake bottle, tilt head back and spray 3 times towards the back of the throat For maximum effectiveness, please follow enclosed instruction leaflet

If pregnant, consult your doctor before using Snoreeze Throat Spray. Keep out of reach of children. Snoreeze Throat Spray pump contains small parts. Store in a dark place, below 25°C.

Snoreeze Throat Spray is not a cure for sleep apnoea, a related respiratory medical condition - contact your doctor for further advice

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