Zovirax Cream Tube 2gm

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Zovirax Cream Tube 2gm

Many adults and children carry a virus which causes cold sores. Although the virus does not bother them most of the time, certain things, eg. Times of stress or illness, will make it active
Each attack of the virus causes sores around the mouth or nose. They start as red itchy patches and become open weepy sores that form crusty scabs which then crack
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Active Ingredient Aciclovir 5%
Dosage Apply acyclovir cream as soon as you feel a cold sore starting. If you start the treatment early, it is more likely to stop the cold sore developing. Keep applying the cream 5 times a day during waking hours, for 5 days
Warning See your Doctor If :
A cold sore spreads from your lips or around your mouth and nose to other parts of your face, or if cold sores appear on other parts of your body. Or if the eyes seem affected or very painful.

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