Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser 150ml

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Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser 150ml

Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser is a gentle sulfate-free facial wash, perfect for normal, sensitive & combination skin types, particularly great for skin that is dry and sensitive on the cheeks but suffers from an oily T-zone on nose and forehead. A super-concentrated, silky smooth formula containing pure essential oils & plant extracts. Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser leaves skin feeling soft & smooth, not taut or dry. With purifying extracts of Elderberry and Comfrey, this gentle, facial wash is great for skin requiring gentle and effective botanical cleansing.  Extracts of Aloe Vera and Cucumber cool and refresh while Echinacea, Mandarin and Honey help to balance and tone skin.
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Active Ingredient Ingredients in Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser: Aqua (water) herbal extract mixture of aloe vera and cucumber, elderberry extract, comfrey root, Echinacea, manuka honey, polysorbate 20, kawa kawa, xanthan gum, mandarin, pettigrain, rosehip oil, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, citral*, d-limonene*, geraniol*, linalool* methylcholoroisothiazolinone & meithylisothiazolinone (preservative at less than 0.002%). *Components of 100% natural essential oils.
Dosage Massage a small amount of Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser gently onto damp skin on the face and neck. Rinse off with running water before applying your usual Trilogy skin care products. Use a face cloth for best results.  
Reactions Patch testing is recommended before first using Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, discontinue use and consult your health care professional.
Patient Info Trilogy. Simplicity, Purity, Vitality. At Trilogy the belief is: quality can and should be achieved naturally. Trilogy is committed to the careful selection of the purest botanical ingredients and exceptional formulations designed for women seeking happier, healthier, truly beautiful skin.
Warning Keep Trilogy's Balancing Gel Cleanser out of reach of Children

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