Ferrograd C Tablets 30

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Ferrograd C Tablets 30

Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency and the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia especially in patients intolerant of conventional iron preparations.
Classification Pharmacy Only
Active Ingredient Ferrous sulphate (anhydrous) 325mg, equivalent to 105mg of elemental iron. Sodium ascorbate 562.4mg providing 500mg ascorbic acid.
Dosage Adults: 1 tablet daily.
Contra Indications Intestinal diverticula or any intestinal obstruction. Haemochromatosis and haemosiderosis.
Reactions Low incidence of gastrointestinal effects.
Interactions Tetracyclines, antacids decrease absorption.
Patient Info Tetracyclines, antacids decrease absorption.
Warning Keep out of the reach of children.
Other Info Keep out of the reach of children.

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