Daktarin Antifungal Tincture 30ml

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Daktarin Antifungal Tincture 30ml

Daktarin Tincture provides effective treatment for fungal infections in the fingernails and toenails.
Classification Pharmacy Only
Active Ingredient Daktarin Tincture contains: Miconazole 20mg/ml. Also contains ethanol 69% v/v.
Dosage Clean and dry the nail to be treated. Apply a thin layer of Daktarin Tincture to the nail twice daily. After the infected nail has come off, continue the treatment without interruption until a new nail has grown and the lesions are completely cured (usually for at least 2 months). Do not apply to open wounds.
Contra Indications Hypersensitivity to any ingredient.
Reactions Occasional itching, burning or skin irritation.
Interactions Avoid occlusive dressings.
Patient Info Store below 25c.
Warning Do not apply Daktarin Tincture to broken skin. Keep out of reach of children.

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