Strepsils Plus Throat Spray 20ml

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Strepsils Plus Throat Spray 20ml

Strepsils Plus Throat Spray has been speacially formulated to give effective and rapid relief from painful and inflamed sore throats. The dual action formula of Strepsils Plus Throat Spray contains a local anaesthetic to numb the throat while the two antbacterial agents help to kill bacteria which can cause throat and mounth infections including sore throat and mouth and dental ulcers. Strepsils Plus Throat Spray also relieves discomfort associated with tonsilitis and pharyngitis.
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Active Ingredient Strepsils Plus Throat Spray contains: Amylmetacresol 0.223%w/v. Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol 0.446%w/v Lignocaine hydrochloride 0.6% w/v. Also Ethanol 96% (40%v/v).
Dosage Adults and children over 12 years: Aim nozzle at the back of the throat and spray three times. Children 6-12 years: Spray only once. Repeat every three hours as required up to a maximum of six times in any 24 hour period. Not recommended for children under 6years.
Contra Indications Do not use Strepsils Plus Throat Spray if you are effected by sensitivity to local anaesthetics.
Reactions Strepsils Plus Throat Spray can cause taste disturbance and, rarely, hypersensitivity reactions.
Warning Use Strepsils Plus Throat Spray with care if you are asthmatic. Take care when eating or drinking, after using Strepsils Plus Throat Spray. Do not dilute the spray.

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