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Clearblue is more than 99% accurate, very easy to use and read.

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Clearblue is a pregnancy test designed to indicate whether you are pregnant or not. Clearblue is more than 99% accurate and very easy to use and read. Clearblue is a one minute, one step pregnancy test that you can test any time of the day from the day your period is due.

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The reproductive cycle is stimulated by female hormones which cause the growth and release of eggs for fertilisation by sperm. When an egg is fertilised, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is produced and can be measured in the urine of a pregnant woman, from the first day of a missed period. Some medicines, such as fertility drugs, cause false positive pregnancy test results. Alcohol, pain killers, antibiotics and oral contraceptives do not effect pregnancy tests.

Before using a Clearblue pregnancy test it is advised that you figure out when your period is due. If your cycle has variable lengths and period dates can't be predicted, test first thing in the morning when HCG is at its strongest concentration. Use a mid-stream urine sample. Calculate your usual cycle length by counting the number of days from the first day of your last period until the day before your next period starts. If you have irregular cycles, you should allow for your longest cycle in recent months before testing with Clearblue. If you have no idea when your period is due we recommend testing not less than 19 days after the last time you had unprotected sex. If the result is 'Not Pregnant', and pregnancy is still suspected, you should wait at least 3 days before testing again as you may have tested too early. Avoid excessive fluid intake before testing with Clearblue. Hold the Clearblue colour change tip in the urine stream for 5 seconds. The colour change tip will quickly turn pink showing that the urine is being absorbed. At 1 minute a line in the end window will show that the test has worked and your result is ready to read. The result window will show a clear result. Clearblue is 99% accurate. A cross in the round window is positive and single line is negative.

If the test result is positive, assume you are pregnant and see your doctor as soon as possible. If the test is negative despite a missed period, check that the instructions were followed correctly and repeat the test according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you are trying to get pregnant it is advised that you see your doctor, to discuss any regular medications you may be taking, and the need for folic acid. We recommendÔĺ†APO- Folic Acid available at A well balanced diet can provide the nutrients needed in pregnancy, but some supplements may be necessary. We recommend Elevit vitamin and mineral supplement available at

Warning Refer to your pharmacist or doctor if: You have missed a period but have a negative pregnancy test. You have a positive pregnancy test but have not seen a doctor. You are having abdominal pain or period problems.
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