Milton Anti-Bacterial Tablets 30

Quick and easy to use.
Uses cold water.
No risk of burning your items.
Trusted to kill germs.
Used by mothers for generations.
Hospital grade disinfectant.
Clinically proven non toxic.

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Milton complete hygienic protection for your baby and home. Your baby is extremely vulnerable to harmful germs before building its own immunity. By the second month, baby's immunity is 35% of birth level. Milton effectively disinfects bottles, teats, breast expression equipment, feeding utensils, toys, surfaces and many other household items from these germs.

Why use Milton? Quick and easy to use, uses cold water so there is no risk of burning and your items last longer, trusted to kill germs. Milton has been used by mothers for generations.

The easy Milton Method: 1) Clean - Immediately after use, separate components and rinse with cold water. Thoroughly wash items with warm water and detergent. Squeeze soapy water through teat holes then rinse. 2) Prepare - add 2 Milton tablets per 4 litres of clean cold water into the Milton Method Unit (or a plastic container). After squirting made-up solution through the teat holes, completely immerse all items, covering the items with the white submerging plate (or a china plate) to eliminate air bubbles. Secure the lid. 3) Ready to use - After soaking items in made up Milton solution for 15 minutes minimum, items are ready to use, or on demand. Wash hands before removing items. Shake off any excess solution and use immediately. The made up solution should be renewed every 24 hours, after washing container in warm water and detergent.

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Additional Info
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Active Ingredient Each Tablet contains: Sodium Dichlorolscyanurate 500mg - available chlorine 32% w/w per tablet.

Directions for the use of Milton:

Baby Hygiene - 2 Milton tablets per 4 litres of water. Soak for 15 minutes minimum. Disinfect pre-cleaned bottles, teats, breast expression equipment, feeding utensils, toys, bibs and brushes by soaking in made-up solution.

Home Hygiene - 2 Milton tablets per 4 litres of water. Soak for 15 minutes minimum. Disinfect cleaned non-metallic jars, bottles, storage containers and chopping boards. Disinfect non-metallic cupboards, work surfaces, shelves, cookers, fridges and freezers by wiping with made up solution. Remove stains from cups. Disinfect sponges, scourers, toothbrushes, kitchen tidies, home brewing equipment and many other items.

Contra Indications No
Reactions No
Interactions No
Patient Info Store below 30c out of direct sunlight.
Warning Avoid contact with base metal, silverware, silks, woollens or coloured fabrics (may bleach). Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used on therapeutic devices.
Other Info No
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