Thompsons Vitamin A Cod Liver Oil Plus 100 Capsules

Thompsons Cod Liver Oil may be useful in the maintenance of general good health and to support immune function. It is a natural source of Vitamins A and D that may be of benefit in preventing the development of eye conditions and bone disease. Thompsons Cod Liver Oil may be taken by all ages, from children to the elderly.

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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your healthcare professional. Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.


Thompsons Cod Liver Oil is a popular traditional remedy to boost the immune system, maintain healthy joints and the condition of the eyes and skin. Thompsons Cod Liver Oil is a natural source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D with traces of essential fatty acids.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient essential to healthy vision, reproduction, immunity, wound healing and other essential body functions. Vitamin A contributes to normal cell reproduction or differentiation thereby minimising the risk of abnormal cell formation. By maintaining healthy cell membranes, Vitamin A helps prevent invasion by disease-causing micro-organisms. Along with Vitamin D, it is useful in the formation of bone, protein and growth hormone. This vitamins ability to boost the immune system and treat infections is well established in scientific studies.

As well as the body producing Vitamin D by the action of sunlight on the skin, good dietary sources of this vitamin can be obtained through the use of fish liver oils. Vitamin D is best known for its ability to stimulate the absorption of calcium, thereby preventing bone diseases such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Vitamin D deficiency is now most often seen in elderly people who have low sun exposure, resulting in a lack of bone strength, bone density, and joint pain.

Thompsons Cod Liver Oil capsules naturally contain 400iu of Vitamin A and 45iu of Vitamin D. Thompsons Cod Liver Oil is also fortified with Vitamin A and D to give it extra therapeutic impact.

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Additional Info
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Active Ingredient Thompsons Cod Liver Oil contains: Liver Oil 500mg, equiv Vitamin A (120mcg) 400IU, equiv Vitamin D (1.25mcg) 45IU, equiv Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides 105mg, Vitamin A (513 mcg) 933IU, Vitamin D (1.375 mcg) 55IU.
Dosage Adults - One capsule a day (with food), or as professionally prescribed.
Contra Indications To avoid any potential problems with Vitamin A during pregnancy use its safe precursor, beta-carotene. Toxicity can occur in adults who take in excess of 50,000iuメs daily for several years. Use Thompsons Cod Liver Oil with caution in individuals with liver damage, cirrhosis or hepatitis.
Interactions No
Patient Info Store below 30c in a dry place.
Warning Keep out of reach of children.
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