No Jet Lag Tablets 32

Made in New Zealand.
Sufficient for 50 Hours Flying Time.

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No-Jet-Lag Tablets relieve jet lag symptoms due to time changes and stresses of long distance flights.

No-Jet-Lag Tablets can be used with other medication. Each packet contains 32 tablets which is sufficient for 50 hours flying time.

Additional Info
Additional Info
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Active Ingredient No-Jet-Lag Tablets contain: Homeopathic Preparations: arnica montana 30c, bellis perennis 30c, chamomilla 30c, ipecacuanha 30c, lycopodium 30c.

Adults: Chew 1 No-Jet-Lag Tablet on each take off, 1 every 2 hours in flight and 1 on each landing. Intervals up to 4 hours in flight are acceptable if sleeping.

Children under 5 years, 1 tablet every 4 hours. No-Jet-Lag Tablets are best taken separately from meals.

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Patient Info No-Jet-Lag Tablets are manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).
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