Dulcolax Suppositories 10mg Adult 6

Pharmacy Medicine.
10mg Suppositories.
Relieves Constipation.
Reliable and Predictable remedy.

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Dulcolax is an effective bowel evacuant (when given by mouth in the form of sugar-enteric coated tablets, or when administered rectally as a suppository). Acting on contact with the colonic mucosa, peristaltic activity is stimulated to produce soft formed stools. There is little tendency towards watery stools, or rebound constipation.

Dulcolax Suppositories are effective within 20 - 60 minutes of rectal insertion. One suppository is often sufficient, although two may be used with safety.

Additional Info
Additional Info
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Classification Pharmacy Only
Active Ingredient Each Dulcolax Suppository contains: Bisacodyl 10mg.
Dosage Adults: One or two Dulcolax Suppositories inserted as high as possible into the rectum. Children: One paediatric suppository. Please read full instruction sheet included in the pack.
Contra Indications Acute surgical abdomen. Paralytic lieus.
Reactions Soreness in the anal region can be caused by leakage of the suppository base. Often this is due to failure to insert the suppository sufficiently high in the rectum.
Interactions No
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