Nicorette Gum Icy Mint 2mg 15

Chewing gum pieces containing 2mg of nicotine, Nicorette is intended to help you stop smoking. It helps by reducing the unpleasant nicotine withdrawal effects.Full product information and instructions are included.Each box contains 15 pieces. Available in classic and Mint flavour.

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Nicorette is made by Pharmacia AB Sweden. Nicorette is intended to help you, the smoker, to quit smoking.

During the 1960’s it was discovered that smokers among the submarine crew of the Swedish Royal Navy were short-tempered and distracted because there was a smoking ban on board the submarines. The smokers were suffering from nicotine withdrawal.

The Swedish government approached Pharmacia (a Swedish pharmaceutical company) and asked them for their help. In 1967 Ove Fernö, a researcher at Pharmacia (now Pfizer Consumer Healthcare), developed a product that could ease these withdrawal symptoms and help them quit. This was Nicorette Gum.

Nicorette Gum was the first form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy ever invented. It was first registered as a pharmaceutical product in 1978 and sold to the general public.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Nicorette
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Classification General Sale
Active Ingredient Nicotine

Adult daily dose: 8 - 12 pieces. Maximum daily dose: 25 pieces.

When you have completely overcome your desire for smoking, gradually reduce the number of pieces chewed each day. Do not attempt to stop using Nicorette completely until you are satisfied with only one or two pieces a day. It is recommended that Nicorette be used for three months before this gradual reduction is started. It is during the first three months that the risk of failure is greatest. Remember to carry some Nicorette with you after you have stopped smoking in case you feel a sudden urge to smoke again.

Contra Indications No
Reactions No
Interactions No
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Warning Not suitable for children. Do not use if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant; if you are breastfeeding; if you have had a recent heart attack or stroke; if you have heart disease or palpitations or angina; if you are a non-smoker; if you are under 18 years old or if you are allergic to nicotine or the components of the chewing gum. Dispose of the used gum carefully as it toxic to family pets.
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