Mentholatum Stop N Grow Nail Biting Liquid

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Mentholatum Stop N Grow Nail Biting Liquid

Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow is invisible, colourless, odourless and it tastes terrible! It tastes so terrible that within 3 weeks your nail biter will be on the way to losing the habit.
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Active Ingredient Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow contains ethanol, vinyl acetate, sucrose octaacetate, water, denatonium benzoate, quinine sulphate, chlorhexidine.

Shake the bottle before use. Apply Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow over the entire nail and cuticle after breakfast and at bedtime. The nasty tastes keeps on right through the day and right through the night. Replace the cap securely after use.

Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow is recommended for adults and children over the age of 2 years. Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow may be used on younger children, but care should be exercised so that formative self-feeding patterns are not disrupted by association of their bitter taste with foods.

It is important to continue for at least three months after your nail biter has broken the habit.

Warning Keep Mentholatum Stop'n'Grow out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eys. May sting if the treated finger comes in contact with the eyes.
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