Orabase Protective Paste 15g

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Orabase Protective Paste 15g

Orabase Protective Paste can be used to protect any painful area in the mouth or on the gums, including ulcers, minor irritations, sore spots from dentures or orthodontic appliances, toothbrush abrasions and minor surgery of the mouth or gums.

Orabase Protective Paste can be used to protect and soothe minor irritations of the skin. Orabase Protective Pasteļ¾  is useful in the treatment of nappy rash on areas where the skin in raw.

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Active Ingredient

Orabase Protective Paste contains: Gelatin 16.7% w/w, Pectin 16.7% w/w, Carboxymethylcellulose 16.7% w/w.


Dab a small amount of Orabase Protective Paste over the involved area. Hold in place until Orabase Protective Paste becomes sticky.

DO NOT RUB Orabase Protective Paste into the lesion. Do not apply Orabase Protective Paste too thickly, the excess will peel off, leaving the lesion exposed.

Reapply Orabase Protective Paste as often as needed for continuous relief, particularly after eating (for oral lesion); or use Orabase Protective Paste as directed by a dentist or physician.

Patient Info When using Orabase Protective Paste for raw areas of nappy rash the paste may be left on for several changes as it will adhere to the lesion protecting it. Use a little olive oil or almond oil to remove any remaining Orabase Protective Paste for next application.
Warning As in all cases of potentially infected areas, consult a physician or dentist prior to using Orabase Protective Paste. A health professional should also be consulted if the irritated area does not heal within seven days.

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